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May 3, 2010:
Updated information on composer Daron Hagen
May 3, 2010:
Added information on composer Jake Heggie
May 3, 2010:
Updated information on composer Jan Bach
May 3, 2010:
Updated information on composer Mark Adamo
May 3, 2010:
Corrected information on Daron Hagen's early operas
January 22, 2009:
Added information on Mark Adamo's opera Little Women

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Welcome to usopera.com, a web resource dedicated to opera by American composers. Opera has been a part of American musical life for over 150 years, but only today are American works beginning to recieve the recognition they deserve. To learn more about American opera, follow the links below. Or you can try getting started with my recomendations.

Christopher Hapka, Editor

usopera.com recommends:
Aaron Copland
The Tender Land
Copland's The Tender Land is an American masterpiece through and through, with Copland's iconic music taking center stage.

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