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Timeline of American opera

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Timeline of American opera since 1845

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Virgil Thomson
Lord Byron
Less well known than Thomson's other operas, Lord Byron, here in its first recording, shocked audiences at its premiere with its frank look at Byron's personal life.

Year Premieres Events
1841 William Henry Fry composes Aurelia the Vestal, which remains unperformed.
1845 June 4: Leonora, (William Henry Fry; Chestnut St., Philadelphia) The premiere of Fry's Leonora is the first known performance of an opera by an American composer.
1855 Sep. 27: Rip Van Winkle ( G. F. Bristow; Niblo's Garden, NY) Bristow's Rip Van Winkle is the first opera by an American composer on an American subject.

The Norwegian violinist Ole Bull offers a prize of $1000 for the best original American opera on an American subject. For financial reasons, the prize is never awarded.

1858 Mar. 29: Giulio e Leonore (William Henry Fry; Academy of Music, NY) [rev. of Leonore (1845); performed in Italian]
1862 The Doctor of Alcantara (Julius Eichberg)
1864 Notre Dame of Paris (William Henry Fry; Philadelphia) A Night in Rome (Julius Eichberg) [operetta]
1865 The Rose of Tyrol (Julius Eichberg) [operetta]
1868 The Two Cadis (Julius Eichberg) [operetta]
1871 Silas G. Pratt completes Antonio; exceprts are performed in concert in Chicago
1877 Frederick G. Gleason composes Otho Visconti; it will premiere posthumously in 1907.
1880 Oct. 11: Deseret, or, A Saint's Affliction (Dudley Buck)
1882 June 15: Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra (Silas G. Pratt; Central Music Hall, Chicago) [concert version only]
1883 Mar. 26: Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra (Silas G. Pratt; McVicker's Theater, Chicago) [fully staged]
1884 George W. Chadwick composes The Peer and the Pauper; [operetta] it was never performed and is now lost.
1885 Frederick G. Gleason composes Montezuma; it remains unperformed.
1887 Mar. 14: Lucille (Silas G. Pratt; Columbia Theater, Chicago) [rev. of Antonio (1971)]
1889 Serapis (Dudley Buck)

A Quiet Lodging (George W. Chadwick) [operetta]

1893 The Martyr (Harry Lawrence Freeman; Denver) The premiere of The Martyr is the first known performance of an opera by an African-American composer

Dec. 16: Dvorak's Symphony No. 9: From the New World premieres at Carnegie Hall.

1894 Jan. 29: Tabasco (George W. Chadwick; Boston) [amateur production]

Apr. 9: Tabasco (George W. Chadwick) [professional premiere]

1895 Mary Carr Moore composes The Oracle
1896 Feb. 10: The Scarlet Letter (Walter Damrosch; Boston)
1898 Dec. 13: George Frederick Bristow dies; his second opera, Columbus (and possibly another work, The King of the Mountain ) is still incomplete.

John Knowles Paine composes Azara

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Zuluki, which remains unperformed.

1901 Sep. 23: Judith (George W. Chadwick; Worcester, Mass)
1903 A Guest of Honor (Scott Joplin; St. Louis) [ragtime opera; lost]

Azara (John Knowles Paine; Boston) [concert performance with piano]

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes An African Kraal, which remains unperformed.
1904 Harry Lawrence Freeman composes The Octoroon, which remains unperformed.
1906 Jan. 31: The Pipe of Desire (Frederick Converse; Jordan Hall, Boston) [one act]

Valdo (Harry Lawrence Freeman; Cleveland)

1907 Jun. 4: Otho Visconti (Frederick G. Gleason, Chicago) [composed 1877] Paine's Azara (1903) is given in Boston in a concert performance with full orchestra

Scott Joplin completes Treemonisha. It will not premiere until 1972

1908 Cap'n Kidd & Co. (Deems Taylor) [comic opera]
1909 Safie (Henry Hadley; Mainz, Germany) [one act] The Echo (Deems Taylor) [musical play]
1910 Lancelot and Elaine (Roger Sessions) Mar. 18: Converse's The Pipe of Desire (1906) is the first American opera performed at the Met

Deems Taylor composes The King's Henchman. It will not premiere until 1927.

Signor Formica (Louis Gruenberg) [operetta]

Love Laughs at Locksmiths (Joseph Carl Breil) [operetta]

1911 Feb. 25: Natoma (Victor Herbert; Philadelphia-Chicago Opera Co., Philadelphia)

Mar. 3: The Sacrifice (Frederick Converse; Boston)

The Tryst (Harry Lawrence Freeman; New York)

Scott Joplin publishes the P-V score of Treemonisha. (1907)

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes The Prophecy, which remains unperformed.

Mary Carr Moore composes Narcissa, or, The Cost of Empire

1912 Mar. 14: Mona (Horatio Parker; NY Met)

Oct. 15: The Dove of Peace (Walter Damrosch; Philadelphia)

George W. Chadwick composes The Padrone, which does not premiere until 1995.

The Witch of Brocken (Louis Gruenberg) [operetta]

Charles Wakefield Cadman composes The Land of the Misty Water, which remains unperformed.

Mary Carr Moore composes The Leper

1913 Feb. 27: Cyrano (Walter Damrosch; NY Met) Frederick Converse composes Beauty and the Beast, which remains unperformed.

Frederick Converse composes Sinbad the Sailor.

Louis Gruenberg composes The Bride of the Gods

Piccadillymädel (Louis Gruenberg) [operetta]

Prof. Tattle (Joseph Carl Breil) [operetta]

The Seventh Chord (Joseph Carl Breil) [operetta]

1914 Jan. 24: Madeleine (Victor Herbert; NY Met) Frederick Converse composes The Immigrants, which remains unperformed.

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Voodoo; it will not premiere until 1928.

Mary Carr Moore composes Memories

1915 July 1: Fairyland ( Horatio Parker; Los Angeles) Scott Joplin's Treemonisha is given in demonstration to potential backers. The work was not produced for the public until 1972.

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes The Plantation, which remains unperformed.

1916 The Breath of Scandal, or, The Mistress of the Seas (Deems Taylor) [operetta]

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Athalia, which remains unperformed.

1917 Mar. 8: The Canterbury Pilgrims (Reginald De Koven; NY)

Azora, Daughter of Montezuma (Henry Hadley; Chicago Opera)

Mary Carr Moore composes Harmony
1918 Mar. 23: Shanewis (Charles Wakefield Cadman; NY Met)

Bianca (Henry Hadley; New York) [one act]

1919 Mar. 12: The Legend (Joseph Carl Breil; NY Met) [one act] Roly-boly Eyes (Louis Gruenberg) [operetta]
1920 Jan. 2: Rip Van Winkle (Reginald De Koven; Chicago)

Jan. 31: Cleopatra's Night (Henry Hadley; NY Met)

Les précieuses ridicules (John Laurence Seymour)

1922 The Sunset Trail (Charles Wakefield Cadman; Denver) Blue Monday (George Gershwin) ["jazz opera"]

The twelve-year-old Gian Carlo Menotti writes his first opera, The Death of Pierrot.

Bachelor Belles (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]

Mary Carr Moore composes The Flaming Arrow, or, The Shaft of Ku' Pish-ta-ya

Mary Carr Moore composes A Chinese Legend "The Immortal Lovers," [pantomime]

1923 Feb. 1: Love's Sacrifice (George W. Chadwick) [for school performance]

Nov. 12: Vendetta (Harry Lawrence Freeman; New York)

Semper virens (Henry Hadley; Sonoma County, CA) [music-drama]

Feb. 1: Love's Sacrifice (George W. Chadwick; Chicago) [one-act operetta, for school performance]

Louis Gruenberg composes The Dumb Wife [chamber opera]

1924 A Night in Old Paris (Henry Hadley; New York)
1925 Feb. 26: Fay-en-Fah (Joseph D. Redding's; Monte Carlo)

Mar. 20: The Garden of Mystery (Charles Wakefield Cadman) [one-act]

Nov. 24: Der Asra (Joseph Carl Breil; Los Angeles) [one act]

Feb. 26: Joseph D. Redding's Fay-en-Fah is the first American opera performed in France (at Monte Carlo)

Gershwin's Blue Monday (1922) performed in concert by Paul Whiteman under the title 135th Street

The Fall of the House of Usher (Roger Sessions) [inc.]

Hallo! Tommy! (Louis Gruenberg, writing as George Edwards) [operetta]

1926 Dec. 8: A Witch of Salem (Charles Wakefield Cadman; Chicago) Jan. 11: Joseph D. Redding's Fay-en-Fah is the first American opera performed by the San Francisco opera.

The Ghost of Lollypop Bay (Charles Wakefield Cadman) [operetta]

Lelawala (Charles Wakefield Cadman) [operetta]

1927 Feb. 17: The King's Henchman (Deems Taylor; NY Met)

American Romance (Harry Lawrence Freeman)

Lady X. (Louis Gruenberg, writing as George Edwards) [operetta]
1928 May 8: David Rizzio (Mary Carr Moore; Los Angeles)

Sep. 10: The Flapper (Harry Lawrence Freeman; New York) [may be revision of American Romance (1927)]

Voodoo (Harry Lawrence Freeman; Cleveland)

The Belle of Havana (Charles Wakefield Cadman) [operetta]
1929 Triple Sec (Marc Blitzstein)

Parabola and Circula (Marc Blitzstein)

1931 Feb. 7: Peter Ibbetson (Deems Taylor; NY Met)

The Harpies (Marc Blitzstein) [one-act]

Jack and the Beanstalk (Louis Gruenberg) [children's opera]

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Leah Kleschna.

Mary Carr Moore composes Los Rubios

1932 The Condemned (Marc Blitzstein)

Dec. 29: Evangeline (Otto Luening; Chicago)

Amy Beach composes Cabildo. It will not premiere until 1995.

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes The Slave.

South in Sonora (Charles Wakefield Cadman) [operetta]

1933 Jan. 7: The Emperor Jones (Louis Gruenberg; NY Met) [one act]

May 20: Merry Mount (Howard Hanson; Ann Arbor, MI) [concert performance]

Dec. 26: Taylor's Peter Ibbetson becomes the first American opera to open a Met season.

Mary Carr Moore composes Flutes of Jade Happiness

1934 Feb. 8: Four Saints in Three Acts (Virgil Thomson; Hartford, CT)

Feb. 10: Merry Mount (Howard Hanson; NY Met) [stage premiere]

Mon Ami Pierrot (Samuel Barlow)

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes The Zulu King.
1935 Jan. 24: In the Pasha's Garden (John Laurence Seymour; NY Met)

Oct. 10: Porgy and Bess (George Gershwin; Alvin Theater, NY)

White Wings (Douglas Moore)

Blue Steel (William Grant Still)

Mary Carr Moore composes Légende Provençale
1936 Amanda (Samuel Barlow)

The Headless Horseman (Douglas Moore)

Louis Gruenberg composes Queen Helen

Golden Days (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]

Hollywood Madness (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]

1937 May 12: The Man Without a Country (Walter Damrosch; NY Met)

Jun. 16: The Cradle Will Rock (Marc Blitzstein, NY)

Green Mansions (Louis Gruenberg) [radio opera]

Apr. 1: Amelia Goes to the Ball (Gian Carlo Menotti; Philadelphia) [one-act]

The Two Gentlemen of Verona (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]
1938 The Second Hurricane (Aaron Copland) Louis Gruenberg composes Helena's Husband

Virgil Thomson begins an opera based on John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi; it is never completed

Paul Bowles composes Denmark Valley (now lost)

1939 Mar. 31: The Troubled Island (William Grant Still; NY City Opera)

May 18: The Devil and Daniel Webster (Douglas Moore, NY)

The Old Maid and the Thief (Gian Carlo Menotti) [radio opera]

1940 A Bayou Legend (William Grant Still)
1941 No for an Answer (Marc Blitzstein)
1942 Feb. 10: Ramuntcho (Deems Taylor; Philadelphia)

Feb. 20: The Island God (Gian Carlo Menotti; NY Met) [one act]

Mar. 29: Solomon and Balkis (Randall Thompson, CBS) [radio premiere]

Apr. 14: Solomon and Balkis (Randall Thompson, Cambridge, MA) [stage premiere]

A Southern Interlude (William Grant Still)

The Devil and Tom Walker (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]

The Three Brothers (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]


Mar. 30: The Wind Remains (Paul Bowles) [zarzuela]

1944 Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Nada the Lily.

On the Town (Leonard Bernstein) [musical]

1945 Louis Gruenberg composes Volpone

Billion Dollar Baby (Morton Gould) [broadway]

1946 May 8: The Medium (Gian Carlo Menotti; New York, Columbia U.) Fabulous Voyage (Milton Babbitt) [broadway]
1947 Feb. 18: The Telephone (Gian Carlo Menotti; New York) [one act]

Apr. 18: The Trial of Lucellus (Roger Sessions, Berkeley)

May 7: The Mother Of Us All (Virgil Thomson;NY, Columbia U.)

Harry Lawrence Freeman composes Allah.
1949 Feb. 19: The Emperor's New Clothes (Douglas Moore, NY)

Jun. 16: Regina (Marc Blitzstein, NY) [played on Broadway]

The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Lukas Foss)

Costaso (William Grant Still)

Carlisle Floyd composes his first opera, Slow Dusk; it is not performed until 1957.

Ming Toy (John Laurence Seymour,) [musical]

1950 Mar. 1: Gian Carlo Menotti; Philadelphia)

May 18: The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Lukas Foss; Indiana)

Jonah (Jack Beeson)

The Triumph of St. Joan (Norman Dello Joio; New York)

1951 Mar. 28: Giants in the Earth (Douglas Moore)

Dec. 21: Amahl and the Night Visitors (Gian Carlo Menotti; NBC)

Wuthering Heights (Hermann)

1952 Feb. 21: Amahl and the Night Visitors (Gian Carlo Menotti; Indiana) [stage premiere]

June 12: Trouble in Tahiti (Leonard Bernstein)

Volpone (Antheil)

The Tenor (Hugo Weisgall)

The Stronger (Hugo Weisgall)

Marc Blitzstein's adaptation of Kurt Weill's The Threepenny Opera
1953 Jan. 15: Vanessa (Samuel Barber; NY Met)

May 4: The Mighty Casey (William Schuman; Hartford, CT)

Wonderful Town (Leonard Bernstein) [musical]
1954 Apr. 1: The Tender Land (Aaron Copland; NY City Opera)

Dec. 27: The Saint of Bleeker Street (Gian Carlo Menotti; New York)

Sicilian Limes (Dominick Argento) [withdrawn]

Hello Out There (Jack Beeson; NY, Columbia)

1955 13 May: The Ruby (Norman Dello Joio; Bloomington)

Susannah (Carlisle Floyd, Florida State U.)

He Who Gets Slapped (Robert Ward)

Reuben, Reuben (Marc Blitzstein)

Griffelkin (Lukas Foss; NBC)

Louis Gruenberg composes The Delicate King and Antony and Cleopatra

Aaron Copland revises The Tender Land (1954) into a three-act version

1956 Jul. 7: The Ballad of Baby Doe (Douglas Moore, Central City, CO)

Nov. 6: Griffelkin (Lukas Foss; NBC-TV)

The Trial at Rouen (Norman Dello Joio; NBC)

Douglas Moore revises The Emperor's New Clothes (1949)

Candide (Leonard Bernstein) [operetta]

The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore (Gian Carlo Menotti) [madrigal fable]

1957 Slow Dusk (Carlisle Floyd, Augustana College) [one act; comp. 1947]

The Boor (Dominick Argento)

The Sweet Bye and Bye (Jack Beeson; NY, Julliard)

Ma Barker (John Eaton)

West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein) [musical]
1958 Feb. 6: The Dragon (Deems Taylor; New York) [one-act; for amateurs]

Mar. 15: Gallantry (Douglas Moore, NY) ["Soap Opera"]

Aug. 20: Maria Golovin (Gian Carlo Menotti; Brussels)

Purgatory (Hugo Weisgall)

Wuthering Heights (Carlisle Floyd, Santa Fe)

Yerma (Paul Bowles)

New York City Opera presents a season consisting almost entirely of works by American composers.
1959 June 17: A Hand of Bridge (Samuel Barber; Spoleto)

Six Characters in Search of an Author (Hugo Weisgall)

The Gardens of Adonis (Hugo Weisgall)

Juno (Marc Blitzstein)

Introductions and Goodbyes (Lukas Foss)

Carlisle Floyd revises Wuthering Heights (1958) for NY City Opera

Norman Dello Joio revises The Trial at Rouen (1956) for NY City Opera; it is presented as The Triumph of St. Joan.

1960 May 5: Introductions and Goodbyes (Lukas Foss; Indiana) The Lure and the Promise (John Laurence Seymour,) [operetta]

Dominick Argento composes Colonel Jonathan the Saint; it will not premiere until 1970.

1961 Oct. 12: Wings of the Dove (Douglas Moore, NY)

Oct. 26: The Crucible (Robert Ward; NY City Opera)

Dec. 13: The Nativity according to St. Luke (Randall Thompson, Cambridge, MA)

Blood Moon (Norman Dello Joio; San Francisco)

Louis Gruenberg revises Antony and Cleopatra (1955)
1962 Dec. 8: The Greenfield Christmas Tree (Douglas Moore, Baltimore, MD)

The Passion of Jonathan Wade (Carlisle Floyd, NY City Opera)

The Last Tale (Toch)

1963 Oct. 21: The Last Savage (Gian Carlo Menotti; Paris, Opéra-Comique)

Labyrinth (Gian Carlo Menotti) [television opera]

Dynamite Tonite (Bolcom)

Christopher Sly (Dominick Argento)

Highway No. 1 (William Grant Still; Miami)

Douglas Moore revises Giants in the Earth (1951)

The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi (Gian Carlo Menotti) [dramatic cantata]

1964 The Sojouner and Mollie Sinclair (Carlisle Floyd, Raleigh, NC) [for television]

Martin's Lie (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Masque of Angels (Dominick Argento)

Montezuma (Roger Sessions)

The Lady from Colorado (Robert Ward)

Heracles (John Eaton)

Athalia (Hugo Weisgall) [concert performance]

Jan. 22: Marc Blitzstein dies, leaving three unfinished operas: Sacco and Vanzetti, The Magic Barrel, and Idiots First (completed by Leonard J. Lehman)
1965 Mar. 25: Lizzie Borden (Jack Beeson; NY City Opera)

Aug. 20: The Women (Thomas Pasatieri; Aspen)

Miss Julie (Rorem)

1966 Mar. 16: La Divina (Thomas Pasatieri; New York)

Apr. 28: Carrie Nation (Douglas Moore; Lawrence, Kansas)

Sep. 16: Antony and Cleopatra (Samuel Barber; NY Met)

The Visitation (Schuller)

1967 Nov. 18: Padrevia (Thomas Pasatieri; Brooklyn)

The Shoemaker's Holiday (Dominick Argento)

1968 Help, Help, the Goloblinks! (Gian Carlo Menotti)

Nine Rivers from Jordan (Hugo Weisgall; NY City Opera)

1970 Of Mice and Men (Carlisle Floyd)

Myshkin (John Eaton)

My Heart's in the Highlands (Jack Beeson) [television opera]

Ramona (John Laurence Seymour)

The Naked Carmen (Corigliano) [theater piece]
1971 Oct. 14: Postcard from Morocco (Dominick Argento; Minneapolis) [one act]

Colonel Jonathan the Saint (Dominick Argento)

Calvary (Thomas Pasatieri; Bellevue, Washington)

The Most Important Man (Gian Carlo Menotti)

Young Caesar (Harrison) [puppet opera]

Mass (Leonard Bernstein) [theater piece]
1972 Feb. 14: The Trial of Mary Lincoln (Thomas Pasatieri; National Education Television)

Mar. 2: Black Widow (Thomas Pasatieri; Seattle)

Apr. 20: Lord Byron (Virgil Thomson; NY, Julliard)

Treemonisha (Scott Joplin) [comp. c. 1907; semi-professional concert and stage performances]

1973 Claudia Legare (Robert Ward)

Tamu-Tamu (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Lion and Androcles (John Eaton)

The System (Jan Bach)

Robert Ward revises He Who Gets Slapped (1955)
1974 Mar. 5: The Seagull (Thomas Pasatieri; Houston)

Jul. 27: Signor Deluso (Thomas Pasatieri; Vienna, Virginia)

Aug. 3: The Penitentes (Thomas Pasatieri; Aspen)

Winter's Tale (John Harbison)

1975 Treemonisha (Scott Joplin) [comp. c. 1907; professional premiere]

Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (Jack Beeson)

Antony and Cleopatra (Samuel Barber; NY, Julliard) [rev. of 1966]
1976 Apr. 1: Inez de Castro (Thomas Pasatieri; Baltimore)

Jul. 25: Einstein on the Beach (Philip Glass; Avignon)

Oct. 1: Washington Square (Thomas Pasatieri; Detroit)

Bilby's Doll (Carlisle Floyd)

Jenny, or the Hundred Nights (Hugo Weisgall)

The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe (Dominick Argento)

The Egg (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Hero (Gian Carlo Menotti)

Lily (Kirchner)

The Sibyl (Persichetti)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Leonard Bernstein) [musical]
1977 May 19: A Water Bird Talk (Dominick Argento)

A Full Moon in March (John Harbison)

Ollanta, el Jefe Kolla (John Laurence Seymour)

1978 Danton and Robespierre (John Eaton)

The Trial of the Gypsy (Gian Carlo Menotti)

1979 Miss Havisham's Fire (Dominick Argento; NY City Opera)

Chip and his Dog (Gian Carlo Menotti)

Juana la Loca (Gian Carlo Menotti)

1980 Sep. 5: Satyagraha (Philip Glass; Rotterdam)

Attaca--A Madrigal Opera (Philip Glass)

The Student from Salamanca (Jan Bach; NY City Opera)

1981 May 1: Miss Havisham's Wedding Night (Dominick Argento)

Willie Stark (Carlisle Floyd)

Abelard and Heloise (Robert Ward)

Hugo Weisgall revises The Garden of Adonis (1959)
1982 A Bride from Pluto (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Boy who Grew Too Fast (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Photographer (Philip Glass)

Minutes till Midnight (Robert Ward)

The Panther [rev. of Attacca (1980)] (Philip Glass)
1983 June 17: A Quiet Place (Leonard Bernstein)
1984 Mar. 24: Akhenaten (Philip Glass; Stuttgart)

the CIVIL warS (Rome section) (Philip Glass)

Weep Torn Land (Finney)

1985 Oct 9: X, The Life and Times of Malcom X (Anthony Davis)

Casanova's Homecoming (Dominick Argento)

The Juniper Tree (Philip Glass and Robert Moran) [children's opera]

A Madrigal Opera [rev. of Attacca (1980)] (Philip Glass)

Roger Sessions dies, leaving his last opera, The Emperor's New Clothes incomplete.

1986 Goya (Gian Carlo Menotti) [television opera]

A Descent into the Maelstrom (Philip Glass)

1987 Oct 22: Nixon in China (John Adams; Houston)

Europera 1 (Cage)

Europera 2 (Cage)

The Fall of the House of Usher (Cage)

Rasputin (Jay Reise)

1988 May 18: The Fall of the House of Usher (Philip Glass; Cambridge, MA, American Rep.)

The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (Philip Glass)

The Wedding (Gian Carlo Menotti)

The Aspern Papers (Dominick Argento)

1989 June 24: A Question of Taste (William Schuman; Glimmerglass)

Where's Dick? (Stewart Wallace; Houston, Texas Opera Theater)

Kabbalah (Stewart Wallace; Brooklyn, NY)

Holy Blood and Crescent Moon (Stewart Copeland)

Under the Double Moon (Anthony Davis)

1000 Airplanes on the Roof (Philip Glass) [theater piece]
1990 The Cry of Clytemnestra (John Eaton)

Apollonia (Starer)

Hydrogen Jukebox (Philip Glass) [theater piece]
1991 Mar. 19: The Death of Klinghoffer (John Adams; Brussels)

Dec. 19: The Ghosts of Versailles (John Corigliano; NY Met)

Atlas (Meredith Monk)

John Harbison revises Winter's Tale (1974)

Gian Carlo Menotti revises Goya (1986)

1992 Apr. 4: Shining Brow (Daron Hagen; Madison, WI)

Oct. 12: The Voyage (Philip Glass; NY Met)

McTeague (Bolcom)

Hopper's Wife (Stewart Wallace)

Tania (Anthony Davis)

1993 May 14: Orphée (Philip Glass; Cambridge, MA, American Rep.)

Esther (Hugo Weisgall;NY City Opera)

The Singing Child (Gian Carlo Menotti)

1994 La belle et la bête (Philip Glass)

The Dream of Valentino (Dominick Argento)

The Elephant's Child (Daron Hagen) [children's opera]

1995 Jan. 21: Harvey Milk (Stewart Wallace; Houston)

May 11: I Was Looking At The Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (John Adams; Berkeley)

May 13: Cabildo (Amy Beach; NY) [chamber opera in one act, comp. 1932]

Sep. 29: The Padrone (George W. Chadwick) [comp. 1912]